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Second IR Webcam

This page just shows a quick summary of how I modified this webcam to take pictures in the near infrared spectrum. For more on this check out my main page. This camera is typical of cheap webcams.

My cheap camera

No screws, so pry off the front.

Just unscrew the lens assembly to take it out

Don't get any dust on the CCD. That's the square bit in the center

Look for the IR filter. Typically a square piece of glass/plastic. If you can't find one that means your lens may have a coating instead making it impossible to use for this purpose.

Gently pry out the filter.

Carefully screw the lens back in. You should probably plug the camera in and make sure it's in focus before you close it back up.
For this camera I put the visible light filter in front of the lens before I snapped the front back on. This way If I want to change things all I need to do is take the front off to swap out my filter for a different one. I'll put a picture here soon to illustrate what I'm talking about.

One potential thing I could do with this would be to remove the visible light filter and put in a color filter or diffraction grating. I haven't tried this, but it should work...