High Speed Science

I recently acquired a really cool high speed camera off a Toshiba America Foundation Grant. I'll be using it next year for a project centering on the physics of sports. I have been playing with it a bit so that I can learn the best way to use it. As I (or my students) create more cool videos I'll post them here.

Here's  an AP Chem student doing a cool (or I should say HOT) demo, filmed at 250 frames/second. DON'T TRY THIS ONE AT HOME. The whole video encompasses about 2/3 of a second in real time. You'll notice it looks like the lights are flickering, that's because they are. They flicker 120 times per second, so normally we don't see it, but when you film at 250 frames/second it is quite obvious. 

Great Balls of Fire!!!

A juggling physics student filmed at 250 frames per second. Marks on the scale are 0.5 meters apart.

Super Slow Motion Juggling

A student volunteered to be slapped by a good friend. Filmed at 250 frames per second.

Taking one For Sceicne