Steve Dickie: Bio for MACUL Board of Directors

One of the best ways to learn about me is from the work I've done. Below is a collection of links to things I've worked on over the last ten years or so. You'll notice my blogs have languished a bit recently. I've been spending more time on creating and sharing content through Google Sites, Twitter (@falconphysics), and Google Plus.


  • Teaching With Technology - My blog focused on technology and education. I started this blog because of MACUL. My first blog post was about the MACUL meeting from 2005
  • FLOSScience - I started this blog because I found myself starting to feel an urge to blog about and reflect on my teaching whether it was about technology or not. This one focuses on science education with a strong focus on physics.


  • My YouTube Channel - This has become my catch all for all of my videos. It includes videos I use to teach my students as well as videos I've created for professional development.
  • Physics of Sports - Here's a collection of high speed videos created for our Physics of Sports Project.
  • Physics on MI-Learning - This is a collection of physics videos I made for MI-Learning. 

Other Cool Stuff:

  • iBooks Stuff - I've been playing a bit with creating custom iBooks for my students as well as programming my physics widgets intended to reproduce labs we do in class. Perfect for a little review or for the absent student.
  • DIY Probeware - You can do a lot of cool science with senors you create yourself or by using free software in ways it wasn't intended.
  • Arduino in Electronics - This is my electronics course. It is basically the textbook and 90% of all the lecture. It is also available through MI-Learning as an iTunes U course.
  • iPad Cohort Site - This is a site I put together to help train teachers at my school to use iPads.
  • FLOSScience Site - This is my catch-all for projects I'm working on. It also includes links to material I've put together for a variety of presentations.