Physics Lectures

I have a plan to never lecture in my class again!!! What I plan on doing is lecturing at night while my students are in the comfort of their own homes or maybe while they're waiting for football practice.

Tools of the trade: For the motion sections I used the Presentation tool in Google Docs and a Wacom tablet I borrowed from one of our art teachers to write on the screen. I really need to buy one of these. I'll probably buy the Wacom Bamboo (Small) because I can get it for around $60. If I want to pay $100 more I can get a bigger one. What I really want is the Wacom Graphire Bluetooth Tablet. Then I could use it while I walk around the classroom.

Calculator Tutorial Videos

Chapter 14 Periodic Motion

Chapter 15 Sound

Chapter 16 Light

Chapter 17 Mirrors

Chapter 20 Static Electricity

Chapter 22 Current Electricity

Chapter 2 Uniform 1-D motion

Chapter 3 Acceleration 1-D Motion

Chapter 4 Dynamics 1-D Forces
  • Working Some LON-CAPA Problems:
    • March 2nd, 2010 - Lecture from that day, working LON-CAPA problems
      • Part 1 - Inertia concept questions
      • Part 2 - Gravity on another planet and force on a wagon
      • Part 3 - Push one Block and both move, what's the contact force
  • Elevator Home Lab (15:19) - Walk through of the elevator home lab match. (alternate link)

Chapter 5 Forces in 2-D

Chapter 6 Motion in 2-D

  • Introduction to Projectile Motion (16:32) - As the title says. This introduces the concept of projectiles and the independence of horizontal and vertical motion.
  • Projectile Math Part 1 (21:16) - Math with projectiles launched horizontally.
  • Half Projectile (6:48) - Just a quick half projectile problem and the answering of an age old question.
  • LON-CAPA Problems:
    • 16 April 2010:
      • Part 1 - Football coordinates problem
      • Part 2 - Marble out window Problem
      • Part 3 - Rock into River Problem
  • Introduction to Circular Motion () - Quick coverage of the concept of Circular Motion. Circular Motion math will be in a future video.

Conservation of Energy

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