Video Analysis of Motion

What can you do with video analysis?
Why do it?
  • If you have a full set of Vernier or Pasco probeware then many lab experiences may be better done with that probeware. However, video analysis can easily replace some of it.
  • You can easily analyze motion in many situations where you can't easily set up probeware.
  • Set up/Tear down is much faster. Students creating video can be done really by just getting out the cameras (and maybe tripods).
  • Analysis of videos can be assigned as homework. I sometimes assign video analysis as homework. LoggerPro can be sent home with students or you can use Tracker which can be downloaded. I always make sure I give them enough time in case they need to use computers before/after school.
  • Lecture demos - Short video clips can often show you stuff you can't see with the naked eye. This one shows no motion at the top of a jump
  • Predict Location of the Center of mass: Same video clip analyzed much more carefully